I post comics and illustrations!

I hate my weaknesses, they made me who I am. 
idk i was really low


i’m a style icon~

summer and winter outfits!

I have way too much fun with these characters

(also bonus outfits based off Hayley Williams and Frank Iero)

Flynn and Dallon - Death Agents

I have been drawing these two for so long! The first photo is the first time i drew them/their jackets. I’m STILL in the process of writing their comic. It’s gonna be my longest and most complex comic yet!

Death Agents
this was really fun to do! did a little colour palette study with gerard way’s solo album! 
my digital line art is so weak/messy D:
coloured this for fun!
I wasn’t going to do colour for this comic but i’m changing my mind after looking at Dave Stewart’s work in BPRD.

I’m in the middle of writing a new comic and these are the characters! Having a lot of fun practising backgrounds/full figures/different ways of inking

(the jackets don’t make a lot of sense right now)

Characters for a comic I’m working on! This was taken on my phone so sorry if it’s shitty quality etc