I post comics and illustrations!

rough type thing for Death Agents
I’ll make it look nice in illustrator soon
new icon
my scanner settings have completely reset so this looks like crap
done with copics and brush pen and it’s something from my upcoming comic Death Agents
Hesitant Alien
i was just playing around with like 10 different things all at once.
sketchbook - japan/girls
I hate my weaknesses, they made me who I am. 
idk i was really low


i’m a style icon~

summer and winter outfits!

I have way too much fun with these characters

(also bonus outfits based off Hayley Williams and Frank Iero)

Flynn and Dallon - Death Agents

I have been drawing these two for so long! The first photo is the first time i drew them/their jackets. I’m STILL in the process of writing their comic. It’s gonna be my longest and most complex comic yet!