I post comics and illustrations!

Okay, I am really sorry for my lack of posting to this art blog. I have been drawing almost everyday I just don’t think a lot of what I draw really needs to be posted anymore. To the point of this post: I have decided to actually do something productive with my spare time and make an on-going WEBCOMIC! It’s about something I find super fascinating and the basic storyline actually came to me in about 2009. I’m still at the very early stages of the writing and I also have absolutely no idea of how frequent the updates will be once I start uni again so just bare that in mind. I’m aiming for one page a month, but it’ll start with 4 pages. I already have a deadline and everything so hopefully me telling you right now will make me actually achieve this (and keep on achieving it). Anyway I just wanted to get this out of my head before I get intimidated and overwhelmed.
p.s. the drawing has something/everything to do with the webcomic. I don’t even have names yet but I do have characters!